you fucked me up at king’s pharmacy (on 241 bedford ave between n 4th and n 3rd st) – m4w – 26 (williamsburg, borough of lost boys)



-colorless poppy-

(written before “-an idea, until she wasn’t-“)

*by someone chasing

a sublime dragon*

(frankie leone, just a man)



*she bleeds

droplets of opium

into my mind


tattooing my misted senses

with unique posture

framing liquid moments


vortexes with pupils

sucking in stares


and a voice

washing our city

in whiskey ease




per usual

reality sobers me


as i wonder what it’s like


to command others

into infernos of passion


across lukewarm bars

and tepid streets




i wonder what it’s like


to tie together

the strings of their emotions


and throw them

over electrical wires




i wonder what it’s like


to lace up someone

that makes more sense


not knowing

rain’s coming


walking out that door

wearing him




and i wonder what it’s like


to be unaware i’ll hang

through the night ahead


after my memory of her

blots out the sun




About Frankie Leone

Tries to write a version of his truth. Also a nightlife worker. Born at Beth Israel Hospital on 1st Ave between 16th and 17th St on December 15, 1984. Lives in Brooklyn. Bears a few scars, tattoos, and regrets. View all posts by Frankie Leone

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